Outstanding results for Scottish NSEA teams

November 22nd, 2017

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Oustanding results for Scottish NSEA teams.
A record number of Scottish school children recently travelled the 700+ mile round trip to Addington Manor in Buckinghamshire to take part in the National School’s Equestrian Association (NSEA) Championship. The championship took place over 4 days with over 800 riders from both private and state schools from all over the country.  Championship qualifiers run up and down the country throughout the year with only the top riders qualifying for the Championships. We are very lucky in Scotland to have dressage, showjumping and Jumping With Style qualifiers taking place at Ian Stark Equestrian Centre, Floors Castle International Horse Trials  and Highfield at Howe
More Scottish schools than ever were represented with riders from Strathallan, Morebattle Primary, Longridge Towers, Kelso High School, Peebles High School, Selkirk High School, NSEAEarlston High School, Biggar High School and Lockerbie Academy.
Scottish schools had some amazing successes with wins from both teams and individuals representing Kelso High School. The Morebattle Team of Vicky Edgar (Ardagh Bobby), Katie Edgar (Ardagh Airborne), Alex Edgar (Bobby Eoin) and Katy McFadyen (Mileage For Milo) won a Championship class for an unprecedented third time when they took the 80/85 showjumping championship. This talented team were also placed 2nd in both 80/85 and 90/95 jumping with style classes. Amy Ralston (Curravordy Builders Blue) also from Kelso High School won  the individual 90/95 Jumping With Style class with only 1 style penalty. Amy was also  2nd individual in very exciting jump offs in both 90/95 Showjumping and 1m/1m5 showjumping – a class won by her Kelso High School teammate Vicky Edgar (Ardagh Bobby) after a very close jump off..  A Kelso High School team of Alex Edgar (Bobby Eoin), Katy McFadyen (Mileage For Milo) and Vicky Edgar (CS Simply Jinger) won the Hickstead Eventers Challenge which qualifies them for the final at Hickstead in May over the world famous banks and ditches.

A  Regional Scottish League was held over the course of the school year. Schools gathered points for each qualifier they attended and had results at. Overall results were 1st Kelso High School 2nd Earlston High School 3rd Jedburgh Grammar School 4th Peebles High School 5th Longridge Towers. The top 5 teams from each of the 9 Regional Leagues were then invited to send 8 riders to compete in a final at the Championships. After a very long day with some very good rounds Peebles High School (Maddie Collins, Jenny Mowat, Persia Bhatia, Libby Davidson, Natasha Thorp, Alice Bryce, Daragh Ramage, Gabby Purves) were delighted to be awarded 2nd place  with Kelso High School (Rory McFadyen, Alex Edgar, Katy McFadyen, Duncan McFadyen, Louise Hebdon, Amy Ralston, Vicky Edgar, Katie Edgar) taking 4thplace in the same competition.
NSEAThere were also some very exciting and close Nations Cup Competitions which took place over 3 days.
Scotland 70/75 Team (Rory McFadyen, Lyall Roberts, Matilda Aplin, Monty Aplin, Hugh Nichols, Katy McFadyen) took first place in a very tight competition
Scotland 80/85 Team (Katie Edgar, Vicky Edgar, Alex Edgar, Katy McFadyen, Duncan McFadyen, Amy Ralston) also won a very close competition
Scotland 90/95 Team ((Katie Edgar, Vicky Edgar, Alex Edgar, Katy McFadyen, Natasha Thorpe, Charlotte Hislop) were 3rd
Scotland 1m/1m5 (Persia Bhatia,  Alice Bryce, Libby Davidson, Daragh Ramage, Gabby Purves, Emily Edgar) were 2nd to a very good English Team
Dressage (Libby Davidson, Alannah Furness, Natasha Thorpe, Persia Bhatia, Alex Turnbull, Eilidh Roberts) 3rd
Overall the Scottish Team finished in 2nd place for the Nations Cup
It takes a huge amount of work, finance, effort & commitment  to get the riders at a level to be able to compete at such a prestigious Championship and the NSEA are very appreciative and complimentary about the level Scottish support. It is almost unbelievable that our schools can go and compete against the best in the country and not only hold their own but also come away with some outstanding results.NSEA

Other Results
Jumping With Style 70/75
3rd Rory McFadyen (Morebattle Primary)
Jumping With Style 80/85
6th Alex Edgar (Kelso High)
8th Louise Hebdon (Kelso High)
Jumping With Style 90/95
2nd Kelso High (Morebattle)
4th Peebles High School
1st Amy Ralston (Kelso High)
6th Persia Bhatia (Peebles High)
Jumping With Style 1m/1m5
6th Vicky Edgar (Kelso High)
Jumping With Style 1m15
8th Persia Bhatia (Peebles)
Showjumping 70/75
3rd Longridge Towers
Showjumping 80/85
1st Kelso High (Morebattle)
5th Kelso High (Linton)
3rd Vicky Edgar (Kelso High)
6th Katy McFadyen (Kelso High) (Seans Delight)
8th Katy McFadyen (Kelso High) (Mileage For Milo)
Showjumping 90/95
2nd Amy Ralston (Kelso High)
Showjumping 1m/1m5
1st Vicky Edgar (Kelso High)
2nd Amy Ralston (Kelso High)
Pumpkin  Special 1m
5th Charlotte Hislop (Lockerbie Academy
1st Eilidh Roberts (Longridge Towers)
2nd Alex Turnbull (Selkirk High)
7th Persia Bhatia (Peebles High)
4th Eilidh Roberts (longridge Towers
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